The vision we’ve always had: Zype and Wildmoka extend the life of your content

By Catherine Cywinska on July 24, 2023

At Wildmoka, our vision is to help our customers extend the life of their content and boost the viewer experience. It’s why we automate clip creation, it’s why we focus on hyper distribution, and it’s why we built groundbreaking solutions like Auto ReZone so content looks good on any screen. And it’s also why we’ve recently co-hosted a webinar with Zype, another Backlight solution, to explain how the two platforms work together and to showcase what Wildmoka customers can do with Zype.

Until now, our customers have used Wildmoka for clip creation and distribution but managed content on their in-house systems. But with Zype, you now get an incredibly powerful, feature-rich content management and distribution platform that integrates seamlessly with Wildmoka and makes reaching your audience even easier.

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Background: what is Zype?

Zype is a cloud-based video content management and distribution platform. It provides users with the infrastructure to stream video on the web, mobile, OTT, connected TV, and social media. Zype has open and well-documented APIs and third-party integration capabilities, which allows for an enormous amount of flexibility when it comes to creating customized workflows. 

Zype’s primary product offerings include:

  • A content management system (CMS). You can import, manage, and store video in perpetuity in Zype’s cloud environment.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM). Zype lets you collect customer information, understand audiences, and build relationships with them. 
  • OTT App Creation. Zype allows you to build video-based apps that can be used on multiple OTT platforms. Its intuitive app-building software lets you build no- or low-code apps. 
  • Distribution platform. Zype can distribute content to multiple destinations (including live streaming) using push-button workflows, requiring minimal input. 
  • Monetization. Zype provides a wide range of video monetization features, including generating revenue from video subscriptions, purchases, rentals, and advertising.


How does this fit in with Wildmoka?

If you’re using Wildmoka to create content and distribute it to multiple platforms, then Zype can further enhance what you’re already doing. 

For example, rather than storing all your content in one CMS, holding CRM data on a different system, and building your apps, using Zype and Wildmoka together brings your entire content production and distribution workflow into one place. That’s way more efficient and is a serious boost to productivity. 

  • Without Zype: You ingest content into Wildmoka, where you can edit content, and it’s then distributed to your OTT platform and across the internet. The content remains stored in your CMS, and your CRM may not be able to capture user engagement. 
  • With Zype: You ingest content into Wildmoka and edit it as usual. If you choose Zype as your publishing destination, your Wildmoka-produced content will be stored in Zype’s CMS, and from there, it can be distributed to any number of digital streaming platforms, including your owned and operated or third-party streaming service. You have even more possibilities to monetize content and can collect ever more granular audience data. 

Things become much smoother by having everything in one place – rather than using multiple systems to manage your content and workflows.


See it for yourself

Watch the webinar we co-hosted with Zype for a detailed overview of features and to see how it works. In the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Zype and Wildmoka work together
  • What features do you get with Zype’s CRM, CMS, Apps Creator, and more
  • How the two platforms can help you extend the life of your content

Demo: Zype and Wildmoka at COP27

The webinar also includes a demo showing exactly how Zype can be used to create a pop-up channel that is streamed to multiple destinations. Referencing the recent United Nations’ annual climate change conference, COP27, as an example use case, it shows how Wildmoka and Zype’s solutions can work together:

  • Ingesting content from multiple concurrent session streams using Wildmoka
  • Overlaying graphics, ads, pre-rolls, and other information
  • Creating a channel in Zype, where content is stored in the CMS and playlists, and a schedule is built out
  • When necessary, overriding scheduled content with live streams
  • Distributing the channel to multiple destinations
  • Using Zype’s CRM to collect subscriber details 
  • Monetizing the content with ads and user registration

Access the on-demand webinar now

Make your content go further

Whether you are a broadcaster, a private company, or an international organization, the reality is the same: today’s audiences are consuming content on an ever-expanding range of devices and platforms. 

Our partnership with Zype will help our customers adapt to how audiences want to consume video today and give you the most robust set of tools, apps, and workflows to meet your viewers wherever they are. 

Learn more about Zype here, or contact us to learn how you can start using Zype with Wildmoka.

Connect your video with viewers, everywhere.