Easy, Automated Video Platform for OTT: Zype Webinar and Demo

By Chris Bassolino on May 12, 2017

We recently hosted a webinar to walk through our platform and showcase our easy video import process, extensive library management tools, content curation features, multiple monetization methods, push button distribution and robust analytics dashboard. The webinar was presented by the fabulous duo of Erin Kennedy, Senior Director of Sales, and Steven Tripsas, Live Streaming Engineer.

To watch the full webinar, click here.

Just A Little Background…

The webinar addressed how time-consuming and expensive it is to go OTT and how Zype, as a video distribution platform, helps this process by enabling customers to:

Import videos from anywhere

Publish videos everywhere

Analyze and optimize across all devices and platforms with a really great analytics dashboard

Sell content directly to consumers

Zype is an end-to-end video platform and focused on the blue highlighted functions below:


Platform Demo


When you log in to the Zype dashboard, you’ll notice the three major options. These really embody the notion of importing from anywhere, curating a video library, and distributing anywhere.

Video Import

After clicking “Add Videos”, you’ll see that you can import from a number of sources: YouTube, Vimeo, MRSS, Kaltura, your own hard drive, and more.


In the webinar, we showed you how to import using an MRSS feed.

You have the option to add a title, category, category values, auto add videos, auto activate videos, and auto sync videos. Once that content is uploaded, it will then live within the library.


Another import function lives within the web browser. You have the option to upload content directly to the platform. You also have the option to edit the transcoding settings directly within the platform.

Once your content is uploaded, you can add a title, URL, description, publish date and enable date. An enable date is when you want your content to be viewable, which is especially helpful if you want your content to be available after the date you publish. Kind of like postdating a check. You can also add metadata, thumbnails, subtitles, edit your content rules, add segments and create embed links.

Content Curation for Intuitive Consumption

Once you have your videos uploaded in the Zype platform, it’s important to curate your content. One major way to do so is by creating playlists. This is super helpful if you have seasons, different series or just any bundle of videos that you think viewers should watch together.

You can also use the Zype-specific Dynamic Playlist feature that auto-populates playlists by assigned category values. You can also sort manually, by alphabetical order, publish date or created date.

Within existing playlists, you can see that you can tag categories, set content rules and specific monetization methods. You can also create specific embed links, and edit the player.

You will also want to curate the consumption structure by working with nested playlists.

We totally get how important curation is, so we designed these killer playlist features so you can deliver your content whatever way you choose to!



After everything is uploaded and curated, the next step is setting up monetization. For the webinar, we focused on subscriptions, but it’s important to realize you can also make money using ad tags or via individual transactions. It really depends on the size of your audience, their preferences, and your content schedule.

You have the ability to link up with your Stripe or Braintree accounts, choose a currency and an amount for your subscription. Going into subscription settings, you can also add in all of the extras, like a logo, background color and a contact email. This plan can carry over to all of your videos, or just specific videos.

The same settings apply to pass plans and purchase & rental. Talk about convenience!

Push-Button Distribution

So now let’s create an app. We weren’t exaggerating when we said you can build an app with the push of a button. Zype allows you to build an app practically anywhere, but for the webinar, we built one on Amazon Fire TV.

After filling out the basics like title and description, you need to wisely pick your primary playlist, because that’s going to be at the top of your consumption tree.

Then you work on the theme, upload all of your desired images, choose your monetization method, pick your features, and voila! You’re ready to submit. The best thing about this code is that it’s going to be published under your name.

Analytics, Analytics, Analytics!


Zype Apps

Kin Community

You’ll see that Kin Community, on AFTV, has a very airy aesthetic. They utilize Zype playlists, different metadata categories for easy navigation.


HavocTV is on iOS. They use Zype for both, VOD and Live Streaming. You can favorite specific videos, and can search through the content.


TMZ on Roku actually sets everything from an outside platform. Everything feeds in hourly into the set playlists. You’ll see that TMZ opted for the complete opposite theme as Kin, and is dark with bold lettering. When you go into a specific playlist, you also have the option to hover and play.

The Rebel

The Rebel operates fully on web. When you try to a video, a Zype paywall will pop up and allow the viewer to enter card information before watching the desired content.

Watch it now! Easy, Automated Video Platform for OTT: Zype Webinar and Demo.

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