Develop And Launch Your Fire TV App Instantly

By The Zype Team on October 21, 2021

Smart TVs have taken over the market, and Fire TV holds a market share of around 36% as of 2021. Fire TV has managed to triple its sales in less than six years and establish itself as a leading player, second only to Roku. 

Launching your app on Fire TV would mean reaching out to a large audience, given its widespread adoption. But how difficult is it to develop your own app for this popular media player? 

One approach that you could take is code from scratch. But that would mean requiring expert programming skills and it would be time-consuming. What if you could develop the app instantly and in a matter of just a few clicks? We have a solution for you. 

Challenges of Developing an App for Fire TV

There are certain challenges when it comes to developing your Fire TV app. For starters, whether you code the app in-house or utilize the services of a third party, you need to thoroughly test the app before you roll it out to your users. You wouldn't want to release a substandard app with incomplete functionality.

Also, you need to have control over the theme and layout of the app, which may not be possible if you blindly assign the responsibility of your app to someone whose vision and taste don't align with yours. 

Then comes the problem of data collection and analysis. Along with developing your app, you also need to integrate it with an analytics platform that can give you insights into your app usage. This can sometimes prove to be expensive as these platforms charge you quite a bit.

What if all of the above were available in one place, and all you had to do was make a few clicks instead of building and integrating everything from scratch? 

How to Develop Your App for Fire TV with MAZ

MAZ is one such partner that takes care of all your needs mentioned above and more. 

No Coding Setup

You require absolutely no coding to develop your Fire TV app. By following a few easy steps listed on the website, your app is ready instantly and hassle-free.


MAZ allows you to monetize your app with user subscriptions, as well as by showing ads from Google Admob and through open bidding and app mediation.  

You can also choose a freemium model to further monetize your Fire TV app. And the best part? You can also use the same app on other smart TVs like Android TV, Roku, and Apple TV. 

Live Video Streaming

Live videos have become so popular that any app that does not stream them will not be the first preference for users. Not only does MAZ allow you to stream a live video, but it also makes it possible to view the video afterward. This gives your users the freedom to watch such videos at their convenience, making them want to stay subscribed to your app. 


The system can handle multiple payment gateways and accept payments in various currencies while managing the different promotions you'll be running on the Fire TV app.

Bringing Your Content to Your Own Fire TV App Is Easier Than Ever

Whether you go for MAZ or any other software partner, what's important is to consider whether you're getting all of your required functionality and services in your budget. There may be partners that fulfill all your requirements but are exorbitantly priced. 

It's important to strike a balance so that you can acquire and retain users and turn a profit in a short amount of time while spending the minimum amount of money.

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