Create a Feed-Based Roku Direct Publisher Channel on Zype

By Chris Smith on May 09, 2018

Roku continues to reign as the most popular streaming device in the U.S. with an ever-growing marketplace and ecosystem, it has become one of the essential distribution endpoints for all content owners.

Here at Zype, we’re always working to expand our customer's distribution footprint and get them to market as quickly and easily as possible with our streamlined app production tools and feed-based distribution partners. Now, it’s even easier to publish your content in Roku’s Channel Store using Zype’s Roku Direct Publisher workflow.

Zype’s Roku Direct Publisher workflow takes content organized into categories and playlists in Zype and generates an optimized feed for quickly creating a channel on Roku using Roku's Direct Publisher.

A Direct Publisher channel is a great solution for content owners that want to get their content in front of Roku’s massive audience. If you need advanced customizations or flexible monetization options (Direct Publisher channels can only be monetized with advertising), Zype also has easy self-service workflows to create a branded Roku app. That said, one of the key advantages of using a feed-based endpoint is that you don’t need any technical support to launch the channel, there’s no code or programming effort required. Plus, Direct Publisher channels are automatically included in Roku Search, making it a great channel to drive discovery for your brand and content.

You can create a Roku Direct Publisher compatible distribution feed with Zype in just a few simple steps:

Step 1 - Create A Roku Direct Publisher Profile in Zype


Step 2 -  Organize Your Content Using Playlists or Categories

If you haven’t already done so, you'll want to organize your content using Zype’s categories and category-based playlists before you create your Direct Publisher channel, this will make it much easier to populate your feed. Learn out more about categories and curating your library in our help cente r or checking out our recent content curation webinar and blog post.

Step 3 - Select a Feed Source


Playlist feeds - This generates a feed that provides access to all videos and child playlists within the selected root playlist in your Zype library.

Category feeds - This generates a feed that provides access to all videos included in a specific category in your Zype library.

Source feeds - This generates a feed that provides access to all videos matching a specific video source in your Zype library.

Once you’ve selected a feed source, click Generate Feed.

Step 4 - Copy Your Roku Direct Publisher Feed URL

Once you’ve clicked Generate Feed, the feed URL will automatically populate. Simply copy that link and proceed to Step 5 - Build Your Roku Direct Publisher Channel.


Now you’re ready to finish building your channel with Roku's Direct Publisher tools. In order to complete this process, you’ll need a Roku customer account and be enrolled in the Roku Developer Program. Other than that, all you’ll need is your content feed URL and any marketing assets. You can visit Roku's website to learn more.

And that’s it! You’ve created a Roku Channel using the Zype Roku Direct Publisher Profile.

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