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Avid and Wildmoka Unite to Bring Powerful Key Functions to Benefit Users of Avid's MediaCentral Platform

Read our latest blog post on the Avid and Wildmoka integration which brings powerful key functions to benefit users of Avid's MediaCentral Platform.

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Matthieu Loreille19.04.20194 min read


Avid and Wildmoka are on a shared mission. Their goal? To equip broadcasters with all necessary tools for bringing compelling video content to a potential audience of billions on both linear TV and digital OTT channels.

On one side of the equation is Avid’s MediaCentral platform – a modular, open solution that is designed to enable news, sports, and live entertainment organizations of any size, to easily aggregate, index, manage, search for, find, and edit content rapidly for delivery across any platform. On the other side, Wildmoka's mission is to boost the numbers of views on digital thanks to instant clipping creation (AI-based), automated edition (template-based) and omni-distribution to all web, mobile and social platforms.

Given the obvious synergy between these two ground-breaking companies, Wildmoka is delighted to announce a new milestone in unifying the viewers experience across linear TV and OTT/digital/social network channels through its integration with the Avid MediaCentral Platform. This will see the use of automation for producing viral-ready videos in a matter of seconds, allowing any rights holder to build and promote huge stories that occur off the back of real-life events.

The resulting marriage between linear TV and social publishing will give Avid users the chance to become a primary source of content for a whole new audience, and all through a tool that fits seamlessly into their existing workflow. Leveraging social publishing to recruit new audience and subscriptions to linear channels has proven to be a successful strategy for broadcasters.

About Avid - Powerful media production, all in one place

Avid has been delivering media technology solutions for audio, broadcast, and film companies for 30 years and most of the songs you hear on the radio, shows you watch on TV, and movies you see in the movie theater were created using an Avid system. Avid’s MediaCentral accelerates your entire production workflow, scaling from the simplest to the most sophisticated solution for post-production, news, sports, and asset management.


Avid MediaCentral

MediaCentral’s vast functionality gives each user the luxury of creating, managing and distributing video content on a single platform. This unlocks a faster, more efficient way of delivering quality footage to television programs, news and sports broadcasts, films and live TV.

Wildmoka - the secret to video virality

Wildmoka enables platforms like MediaCentral to complete a vital piece in their puzzle: the ultra-fast distribution of linear TV content to OTT channels in seconds, sometimes even before such content is being broadcasted to linear.


Wildmoka platform

Coupled with its use of AI for producing easily digestible assets -primed for audiences who generally prefer shorter clips - the technology is creating new monetization opportunities through the easy and automated application of graphics and advertisements to any piece of footage.

The end result is a platform that helps content editors react faster to key moments, make better use of their existing assets, and reach the 2.38 billion people who regularly consume videos online.

Supplying the tools to craft powerful stories and to post them instantaneously

While exceeding the demands of linear broadcasting, Avid users were still challenged with publishing to digital OTT platforms fast enough to capture audiences that tend to favor immediacy and short-form content, while requiring small yet crucial details, like screen display adjustments.

Wildmoka leverages the wonders of smart clipping and instant publishing to bridge the gap between linear broadcasting and cloud-based digital distribution. The partnership means that Avid users can now leverage a series of AI-based algorithms to catalyze their delivery of impactful, shareable videos in near real time.

All the main industry verticals benefit from this new integration, including:

  1. Sports – Have available viral moment videos generated in MediaCentral in near real-time by Wildmoka AI-based algorithms so that Avid editors save time and concentrate on storytelling.
    And that’s not all: Thanks to the enriched metadata and tagging features delivered by Wildmoka, MediaCentral users benefit from improved content searchability and discovery - i.e. finding any special moment from a specific player in a game within MediaCentral asset management system has never been that easy.
  2. News – Direct access to content from Avid growing files within Wildmoka enables ultra-fast publishing on digital platforms even while the content is still being ingested in MediaCentral. In News, time-to-viewers on social is crucial.
  3. Entertainment – Browse Avid MediaCentral repositories of post-production or live content directly within Wildmoka so content creators can craft digital stories from only the section they need versus the entire file

Matt Loreille, CMO of Wildmoka said: “Some of our larger customers are accelerating their broadcast and digital transformation by consolidating these two activities to embrace a holistic “content-first” strategy, rather than a “channel-based” one. Wildmoka and Avid have joined forces to combine the editing power of the most comprehensive media workflow platform with the agility, speed, and automation of digital OTT publishing. We’re set to bring forward a whole new era for content production in 2019 and beyond.”

Want to bring your stories out to a bigger audience? Wildmoka and Avid would be happy to guide you through the functional and business benefits of the new integration.

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