Viewer Analytics

Zype's analytics puts reporting on video engagement, device-level playback, and consumer-level analytics at your fingertips

Viewer Analytics

Consumer Level Analytics


Individual consumer transactions and engagement snapshots

Viewer engagement data

View video analytics on an individual level including total videos played, device engagement and total hours watched.

Consumer activity history

Use each customer’s individual profile page to track details about your users and get insight into payment, login, and activity history.

Video Engagement Analytics

Powerful insight into which videos perform best

Actionable device data

See which devices and players your customers are using to access your content. Use this information to drive content strategy on a per-device basis.

Geo-based analytics

Geographic analytics to learn where your customers are located.

Powerful insight into which videos perform best

Device Level Analytics

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Granular device data

Detailed analytics to show how your customers are accessing your content by device, by browser, and by operating system.

Expand reach and growth

Discover where to focus your attention to drive the most growth and retention by learning which devices are most popular with your customers.

Performance tuning

Learn which of your apps are performing well and which need a little more nurturing.

Optimize your content with Zype's analytics