Video Import

Quickly import and organize content

We’ve made it easier to import videos from third party sources, MRSS feeds, or upload directly into Zype. Save time with multiple ways to ingest content, and have your entire video library and metadata available in a few clicks.


Zype makes it easy to upload and import existing content and metadata across multiple providers and platforms. Seamlessly import from sources such as Vimeo & Vimeo Pro, MRSS feeds, traditional OVPs or other self-hosted sources.

Automated MRSS import and sync

Automated MRSS import and sync

Keep current workflows operating— import content from traditional OVPs and legacy solutions through MRSS feeds. Content syncs daily with the Zype platform so any new content will automatically appear in Zype, along with categories, keywords, thumbnails, and other metadata.

Flexibility to import video from multiple content sources

Self-hosted content and CDN

Have the flexibility to upload, import and also use your own self-hosted video streams to deliver content. Self-hosted streams may be an ideal solution for networks running their own live streams or who already have content on a CDN. Learn more about importing self-hosted streams >

Upload through web

Simultaneously upload multiple videos, straight from your desktop. We support all popular media formats, including: 3GP, AAC, AVI, FLV, MP4 and MPEG-2. Learn more about uploading to Zype from local storage >

Hard drive import

We strive to make it easy for customers who have large catalogs of content. Ship us a hard drive with all of your content for bulk ingestion. We’ll take care of the rest.

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