Metadata Management

Easily organize your video library and move beyond titles and descriptions

Metadata Management

A fine-tuned metadata strategy allows your content to be more easily organized, curated and published with a rich set of information for discovery.

Simplify content curation

Define and organize your content by themes like topic, guest, genre, day, or any other category that is relevant to your business. Quickly extend how you categorize videos to support new themes or content topics.


Schedule content publishing

Easily set the period of time that content is available to keep content fresh without having to make manual adjustments.

Flexible custom metadata

Store any information you want by creating a custom metadata structure. Any data can be associated with one or multiple videos in your library. Whether it’s merchandise, biographies, sports scores, logos or anything else — you’re covered!

Retrieve data with precision

Developers can use metadata values to filter what data is being returned via API.

See how easy it can be to manage and curate video content