Cloud Storage

Store and access video content from anywhere

All the benefits of a cloud video host with reliable, secure, and unlimited storage capacity.

Cloud Storage

With your videos stored in the cloud, you can easily access and manage your content from anywhere -- the office, your home or your mobile device while on the go.

High-resolution mezzanine files

Keep uploaded master mezzanine files after transcoding for future encoding optimizations.

Unlimited cloud storage

Receive unlimited storage for all of your videos. Regardless of how many videos you have now, or in the future, you can store, access and manage all of them without having to worry about megabytes, terabytes or gigawatts.

Maintenance free

No need for the team to worry about server administration, maintenance, or hard drives. Content is automatically backed up and cloud architecture provides maximum reliability, resilience and performance.

Want to take advantage of unlimited video storage?