Advanced API Tools

APIs can provide end-to-end support for creating, managing, broadcasting and archiving live feeds. All functionality availability in the Zype Playout UI is driven by API architecture.

Our developer-first approach makes it easy to connect into existing legacy systems and shape Zype Playout to your specific use case by creating custom workflows. Our APIs also provide full access to encoder management so you can manage the entire live broadcast lifecycle.

Playout API Help Center

Zype Playout APIs are built by developers, for developers.

Extend the power of Zype Playout by building custom API-driven tools, workflows, and products
on top of our infrastructure.


Build Custom Programming Workflows

Use APIs to manage linear programming of channels, override content with time accuracy, or to loop or set recurring rules for programming elements to be repeated.


Extended Data & Analytics Tooling

Use Zype Playout analytics APIs to analyze or evaluate viewership metrics of active channels or retain the raw data for internal data warehouses.

Advanced Advertising Implementations

Advanced Advertising Implementations

Customize your ad breaks by using APIs to schedule ad markers or conduct algorithmic ad insertion.

Zype Playout supports full SCTE35 specification.

Quickly Access Support Documentation

Quickly Access Support Documentation

As a Zype Playout customer, you'll have direct access to helpful API documentation and resources to keep your team building best-in-class video workflows.

For an introduction to our Zype Playout API documentation, please visit our Help Center here.

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