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Living in the FAST Lane: Online FAST Industry Panel

The Free Ad-supported Streaming Television (FAST) space today is the hottest thing in streaming video. And so far, a few key players dominate the revenue through affiliations with major media companies. However, FAST is growing like wildfire as more organizations - of all sizes - are working to deliver content on as many FAST channels as possible. As you look at the future direction of FAST, you first need to understand where the space is heading.

Will revenue continue to be dominated by the major players, or will it become more niche? One thing is clear -- this will not be a hobbyist pursuit! The level of professionalism in these FAST channels will correlate directly to success, and your infrastructure matters more than ever. At the end of the day, you need to be able to market your platform and drive audiences.

Panel Preview:

Featured Speakers:

  • Evan Shapiro | Producer, Professor, Media Universe Cartographer
  • Alan Wolk | Co-Founder/Lead Analyst at Tv[R]EV
  • Shikha Arora | EVP of Engineering at Backlight
  • Stuart McLean | CEO at FAST Studios
  • Ed Laczynski | CEO at Backlight

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