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W E B I N A R   S E R I E S

How pro sports organizations are leveling up their media management


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Get the most out of your sports content rights.

In this installment of the OTT360 webinar series, we’ll dive into the challenges that sports franchises and leagues face when distributing digital content and learn best practices that you can start applying immediately.

During this discussion, our expert panelists will touch on:

  • How to explore new revenue generation avenues through OTT
  • Best practices on reaching new audiences on social media while delighting your existing fan base
  • How to use AI to scale your content production to create more and better video content
  • The value of unified access to media to improve the digital distribution workflow

Event Speakers

jeremy-strootman Charles-Gilbert
Jeremy Strootman

Director, Channel Sales

Charles Gilbert

Manager, Digital Assets
Atlanta Hawks

Addison-Zettas Jeff-Fortune
Addison Zettas

Director, Business Development
IMT Global

Charles Gilbert

Director, Post Production Services


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