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2024 Media Stats

The Impact of Rising Media Consumption on Media Management

The way media is consumed has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Increased demand fuels the creation of new channels, and fresh media soon follows, inspiring a wave of content creators to join. Media management serves as a constant source of stability throughout this evolution by preserving the history of organizations and enabling each asset to reach its maximum potential by keeping it visible for creators.

This year’s data illustrates this for us well.

The world's population has passed the eight billion mark. Across the globe, 64% of humanity has internet access, with the average person spending 6.5 hours a day online and three hours watching content. Netflix reported that its users viewed nearly 100 billion hours of content on its platform in the first half of 2023 and YouTube reported that its users consume one billion hours of video per day. YouTube creators alone upload 720k hours of new video daily!

The demand for content is clear, so creators and organizations are answering the call for more. 

Your organization is probably creating more video than it did five years ago—and it all has to live somewhere so it can be found. Each year, the Media Stats report reflects increased demand for media management in enterprises and mid-market businesses across a growing list of industries—and this year is no different, with more users evaluating their media management strategy, implementing Iconik technology, and managing more media than ever.

This year, the report will view media management data along with wider media consumption trends for a broad view of the world’s relationship with media today. 


  • Data is migrating to the cloud and needs to be remotely accessible. Iconik customers store 35% of their data on-premise while 65% is stored in the cloud
  • Data is growing rapidly and needs to be managed. Iconik data has grown to 152 petabytes, +57% YoY. Scalable cloud-native solutions facilitate rapid media growth.
  • Demand for video and other rich media is rising. Iconik manages 328 years of video (+41% YoY) and 208 years of audio (+50% YoY)
  • Sports organizations that use iconik have an average of 230k assets and 260 terabytes of data

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