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Centrally operate and grow a multi-platform video publishing business with Zype.

Zype Streaming Platform offers a turnkey, all-in-one solution to store, manage, monetize, and deliver live and on-demand video across digital endpoints.

Our full-stack, end-to-end online video platform powers OTT streaming workflows, allowing content providers and distributors to provide broadcast-quality streaming experiences to global audiences at scale, all from the cloud.

What can you do with Zype Streaming Platform?

Create live or on-demand video streaming products and services audiences will love.

Dynamically manage your video

Zype's secure CMS makes it easy to manage videos and live broadcasts. Quickly import your content from MRSS feeds, cloud or on-prem repositories. Create and dynamically update playlists, customize metadata, or apply content and category tags, all from a user-friendly dashboard.

Ensure Quality of Service

Expand your video platform's reach with confidence. Zype's scalable and reliable platform offers multi-rendition, multi-output encoding and packaging for all video scenarios. Our multi-region cloud hosting solution and global CDN coverage ensures high-availability of your streaming products during peak demand, ensuring a quality streaming experience for your users.

Monetize your way

Zype's integrated CRM provides flexible monetization tools to meet your business model requirements. Offer subscription tiers, rentals, entitlements, PPV events, and downloads for purchase. Preserve ad timings or insert new ones to accommodate your ad strategy. Leverage dynamic ad insertion via Zype SSAI or third-party services. Whether ad supported, subscription based, or transactional, we've got your monetization method covered.

Globally distribute across devices and platforms

Zype Streaming Platform offers reliable distribution of on-demand, live, and linear video on a global scale. Our multi-CDN approach provides expansive geographic coverage across thousands or POPs. Implement geographic restrictions and set content playback rules. Define transcoding and player settings to enable automated adaptive bitrate that services your audience the right video for their device, location and internet connection.

Track audience engagement and performance

User-friendly dashboards allow you to leverage video, consumer, and device-level analytics. Take advantage of Advanced Analytics and download granular reporting so you can optimize your engagement and monetization strategy.

Automate and customize with APIs

Harness an open, API-driven infrastructure that allows for easy integration into your tech stack. Gain control over the whole video lifecycle and automate tasks like encoding, scheduling, and provisioning streams. Build custom experiences and integrations with third-parties and refer to our extensive documentation resources for Developer support.

Unify your video strategy with Backlight

Expand your video workflows with complementary backlight solutions. Build no-code streaming apps for desktop, mobile and CTV with Zype Apps Creator. Launch linear channels for 24/7 or pop-up use cases with Zype Playout. Conduct editing and clip creation from live streams using Wildmoka Clip Studio. And to level-up your media management and collaboration, store clips or long-form VOD natively in iconik, broadening access to wider teams for repurposing and reuse.


Learn how Andrew Wommack Ministries grew its following with centralized video management.

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