Unlock the Power of Your Sports Content

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Transform how your sports content is managed, produced, and delivered with  Backlight’s all-encompassing suite of software solutions. tailored for sports content owners.  


media asset management with iconik

Iconik is the backbone for your content access and management, giving you the ability to integrate video archives stored across disparate storage tools for editing, review and approval and distribution workflows.


Instant content creation and distribution with Wildmoka

Wildmoka allows you to transform content sources into engaging media experiences. From shoulder content to live matches and fan contributions, you can create highlight reels, stories, clips, and more in multiple aspect ratios and rapidly distribute across various channels.


and reach amplification with Zype

Zype rounds out Backlight’s product suite for sports content owners by offering a comprehensive CMS and CRM platform alongside no-code app creation, playout channel creation, and the ability to monetize content.


Backlight is crucial to the International Tennis Federation’s video content distribution strategy.

Our goal is to ensure fans can access and engage with content on their preferred social media platforms and that our partners have access to the content they need. Wildmoka makes this a reality. To put things into context, since integrating Wildmoka, we’ve scheduled 457 events to 39 distinct destinations. In 2023 alone, a couple of non-technical colleagues easily scheduled 188 live broadcasts, delivering 166 events to various social media platforms, and garnered 4.23 million views. It’s a level of engagement and reach we wouldn’t be able to achieve as effortlessly without Wildmoka’s video programming and wide destination capabilities at our fingertips.

Ed Pearson, Digital Services Manager | International Tennis Federation



NBC and Ryder Cup deliver compelling content at speeds “once believed to be nearly impossible” with Wildmoka

For the Ryder Cup, NBC Sports implemented a digital strategy to make the event even bigger by reformatting and extending high-quality video experiences for more platforms their audiences use to drive engagement. 
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Sports Content Owners Manage Assets and Power Distribution With Backlight


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Leverage Backlight's Partner Ecosystem

Backlight's partner ecosystem gives you access to a vast network for content distribution, management, and monetization and allows for seamless integration with various social media destinations, OTT services, and syndication opportunities.






Better ROI + Delighted Fans Everywhere

Maximize your Monetization

Get the most out of your rights with solutions that help you maximize the monetization of your sports content. Insert slates, graphics, or dynamic ads to boost monetizable inventory. Identify in-stream ad breaks and drive better ad performance and revenue with our unique playout architecture that’s proven to boost ad render and delivery rates.

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Maintain Broadcast-Quality
Across all Digital Platforms

Your audience deserves the best, no matter where they're watching. Maintain broadcast-quality standards across all digital platforms by effortlessly transforming linear feeds into mobile-first and social media formats for optimal viewing.

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Flexible Architecture for
the Moments that Matter

With Backlight, you get nothing less than broadcast-grade, reliable infrastructure that can be scaled up or down for key events. Whether you need a pop-up channel created for dedicated tournament coverage, or want a 24/7 channel that provides fans always-on viewing of their favorite sport, Backlight has you covered.

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Easily Access and Reuse
Archived Assets

Backlight’s solutions enhance the longevity and value of content through archiving capabilities. Post-event, you can securely store valuable media assets, complete with metadata. Safeguard content for future editorial and marketing endeavors and ensures that teams can re-engage with media archives efficiently, sparking new creative uses and ongoing engagement.

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