Meet Backlight at StreamTV Show 2023

Connect your video with viewers, everywhere

The Backlight team is heading to the StreamTV Show, and we'd love to see you.

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Backlight Streaming provides customers with a cloud-native, full-stack software solution for media production, content management, hyperdistribution, and monetization.

Meet us in the meeting zone at the Backlight table.

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Backlight’s award-winning video and gaming-focused SaaS solutions were built by visionaries in the creative & entertainment industries who demonstrated the ability to solve real market needs and become beloved by their customers.

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Leading teams trust products like ftrack, iconik and Celtx to ensure that their pre-production and post-production workflows deliver their creative visions accurately, on time and on budget.


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Spanning cloud-based OTT video streaming, content management, media production, hyperdistribution, and monetization software, the world’s most innovative publishers and broadcasters rely on Zype and Wildmoka.