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Find media fast, and collaborate with anyone.

Spend less time...


❌ Searching for files
❌ Transferring files
❌ Juggling revisions
❌ Waiting for approvals 


When you connect Apple's Final Cut Pro with iconik, Backlight's cloud-native media management and collaboration hub, you can find media, edit projects, and collaborate faster.


With iconik, every piece of media is only a few clicks away, no matter where you are.


Find and preview assets quickly in iconik with files from multiple storage locations visible in one place.

Quickly download assets or collections
and open as new events in Final Cut Pro.
Edit with less downtime spent looking for and previewing assets.
Send renders back to iconik to view
instantly from anywhere.

What is iconik?

iconik is the cloud-native media management hub that revolutionizes how businesses find, organize, and share digital assets.


Enjoy zero Setup Fees, Pay-as-You-Go, usage-based pricing, and the unique ability to manage your existing cloud and on-premise storage in one place.


Unify Your Production Processes from Start to Finish.

Iconik can be the common thread that ties your workflows together so you can ingest, organize, produce, collaborate, review, and deliver video faster than you ever imagined.
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Get more beyond the render with iconik's

full collaboration toolkit

☑️ Hi-res, online previews

☑️ Access media on any device

☑️ Share with anyone

☑️ Time-based comments

☑️ Time-based annotations

☑️ Review & approval

☑️ Manage versions

☑️ Request anyone to upload assets

☑️ Transfer files to any connected storage


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