MAZ and Flowplayer: A Partnership

By The Zype Team on July 11, 2019

An Amazing Collaboration 

Today is a big day! We are proud (and so very excited) to announce our partnership with Flowplayer. We believe that this partnership will not only benefit both companies but ultimately and (most importantly) it will empower our clients to better understand the quality, distribution, and analytics of their video content. We’ve anticipated the questions you may have and prepared below some answers.

What is Flowplayer?

Based in Stockholm, Sweden – Flowplayer is the premier online video platform offering a customer-friendly interface, a focus on the user experience, and high-quality playback performance. It’s this focus that has made Flowplayer one of the most deployed online video players in the world.

Flowplayer enables publishers to create customized video players and livestream their content with ease while also providing real-time analytics and monetization tools that result in a better end-user experience and more completed views. Flowplayer is the OVP that will help publishers take their content to the next level.

Sounds like a great fit. How did this partnership come to be?

Like all great partnerships, it was born from a shared interest.

MAZ is the content logistics system that provides top of the line mobile and OTT experiences for your content. We are missing just one crucial component – an embedded video tool.

Flowplayer is an incredible OVP that is providing the best performing and most deployed HTML5 video player on the market but without an app or OTT solution.

Both companies kept hearing great things about the other so they decide to have some conversations. The rest is history.

What will this partnership mean?

Flowplayer has developed a high-end video platform for publishers and MAZ has created a content logistics solution. Combining these tools will give content creators the ability to process, curate, publish, and monetize their content to a wide range of audiences across mobile, social media, OTT, and more. 

“This partnership will provide our publishers with a streamlined and rewarding experience from end to end,” said Flowplayer CEO, Emanuel Viklund. “We chose MAZ to bridge a gap in the workflow for our customers. Together, we are offering them a seamless, comprehensive and customizable service.”

MAZ CEO, Paul Canetti shares similar thoughts “as consumer habits become more and more diverse, you need your content to be available everywhere.Making this happen is usually a cumbersome process. With this partnership, video publishers will only have to go through the process of uploading content once, and from there it will be made available to all of the distribution channels they could want, from the web to social to OTT.

As you can see this partnership will allow two best-in-class platforms to do what they do best. It will provide a full-fledged experience for each company by allowing customers hosting their video content on Flowplayer to create high-quality video-on-demand apps for mobile, Apple TV, Roku, and more.

This sounds great! What does this bring to the consumer? 

A more complete picture.

It’s our belief that effective content is content that is accessible everywhere, from the web to mobile to OTT apps and more. While your content is everywhere, tracking its total effectiveness can be difficult.

Giant publishers, like HBO or Netflix, have the resources to distribute their content through their own unified platforms across web, mobile, and OTT.  However, the bulk of publishers have to employ a variety of solutions to distribute their content across web, mobile, and OTT channels resulting in data that only tells some of the story.

The ultimate goal for publishers is to share not only their views on web, mobile, or OTT, but provide a complete picture of the engagement their brand drives. Through our partnership with Flowplayer, our hope is that over time, these separate channels will seamlessly fit together to the puzzle of your brand’s engagement.

That’s the holy grail. That’s what leads to higher ad rates, a higher CPM and that is what our partnership with Flowplayer can provide. This is a joint venture that not only strengthens MAZ and Flowplayer, but will solve the problems of our publishers and enable them to be amazing.

Connect your video with viewers, everywhere.