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How to Track Video Engagement

How to Track Video Engagement

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Chris Bassolino08.01.171 min read

In order for your video business to be successful, it’s important to track how your audience is engaging with your content. Video engagement data gives you powerful insight into what videos perform the best, what devices your audience use and what type of content appeals most to your audience most.

The Zype dashboard makes it easy to track video engagement with the analytics dashboard. The Zype analytics dashboard offers over 20 different metrics, so which help you learn how your audience is engaging with your video?

Impression Analytics

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Impression analytics gives you visibility into your overall content performance. The insights you gain include your total number of video player impressions, your audience’s geographic location, and which videos are the most watched and requested. Impression analytics not only give you a baseline for how your content is performing, but also indicates which individual videos are your top performers.

Revenue Analytics

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Get a detailed view into the profitability of your video business with revenue analytics. The data reports how much money your content is generating, in addition to offering other important insights for understanding your audience.

You’ll have the ability to easily track your subscriber growth and gauge which video sales, rentals, and monthly subscriptions are generating the most revenue. Use these insights to help you grow and retain subscribers, increase views and drive new revenue.

Video Analytics

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Video analytics gives a general overview of your video engagement—see the total hours for watched video, as well as the total videos played. Dig into these reports to determine your video’s average play time, which will tell you the average number of video plays (in minutes per stream) over the past 30 days.

The Zype analytics dashboard is an easy way to track your video engagement and performance and it’s important to let the insights you gain drive your content strategy. We also recommend you do a deeper dive and look at your consumer-based analytics.

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